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    Limited By Your Imagination.

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Limited By Your Imagination.

Stability with Softness.

Unlock Those Tight Hips.

Protect That Back.

When Outdoor Duty Calls.

Kneely for Home, Outdoors & Exercise/Yoga

Kneely was born out of inverted thinking.

Rethink Your Yoga Block.

Real Reviews On Amazon.

"I’m 6’5 and deal with back pain on a regular basis. Sitting in front of my computer for long periods of time throughout the day doesn’t help. Having a standing desk has been a great place to start and I have tried sitting on an exercise ball, but I still found myself sitting in an uncomfortable position. I was searching for other alternatives and came across Kneely. This product is a game changer. Awesome design, low stress put on my joints, and promotes excellent posture for my back. Noticed a big difference after using this product for just a couple days. Big fan."

Fahd Q

Real Reviews on Amazon.

"Fantastic product! I love that I can use it as a yoga block or to kneel on when I work. It’s helped my back pain and I switch between the Kneely and my stand-up desk. Definitely helps to switch things up when working from home during COVID and sitting all day."


Real Reviews on Amazon.

"Really smart product! I used to rotate between sitting and standing at my desk, but kneely gives me a great third option of kneeling. I like it because I can switch legs and stay in the position for a while. I was skeptical at first but it's working great and is WAY better than some expensive ergonomic chair/desk etc. I also use it as a meditation cushion."


Healthy, Back-Pain Friendly Sitting Alternative

Counteract the negative effects of chronic sitting. Lengthen your hips while working. Take the pressure off your low back.