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Dimensions: 10x8x6 Inches Folded | 16x10x3 Inches Unfolded

Material: Memory Foam + High Density Foam

Product Care: Hand Washable

KneelyPad™ is made so that the memory foam maintains it's comfortable shape, even with long periods of use.

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Knee strain can happen from everyday activities like:

- Gardening
- Household Chores
- Construction Work
- Daily Prayers

How does KneelyPad help with knee arthritis?

Kneeling on hard surfaces, even for short periods, can trigger intense knee pain. If you have sensitive knees, knee arthritis or have undergone knee replacement surgery, caring for your knees is crucial.

That's where KneelyPad™ comes in – a simple comfort cushion designed to provide relief and protection against knee discomfort caused by hard surfaces.

Whether you're tending to your garden, tackling household chores, engaging in construction work, or participating in daily prayers, KneelyPad™ offers comfort and a layer of protection.

Say goodbye to worries about inflammation when kneeling on the floor.

Regain your comfort and freedom. Invest in KneelyPad™, the protective cushion specifically crafted to alleviate knee discomfort and help with knee arthritis.

Prevent Knee Pain

When Gardening

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Construction Work

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Proven Pain Relief

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Review 3

Thick and comfortable if you have to get on your knees then you need this!

Barb D.

Review 1

Loving my Kneely! For those of us who take our physical health and performance seriously the Kneely is a great little tool to stay aligned and relieve stress off the hips and back from standing or sitting.

Devin B.

Review 2

I’m 6’5 and deal with back pain on a regular basis. This product is a game changer. Awesome design, low stress put on my joints, and promotes excellent posture for my back. Noticed a big difference after using this product for just a couple days. Big fan.

Fahd Q.

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Retail: $49.99

Now For: $39

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews

Wasn't sure how this pad would perform but I am extremely pleased. Very well constructed and that allows the user to get up and down easily.


I love this product! I have osteoarthritis in my hip and using KneelyPad during my floor exercises has been a game changer. A lot better than towels. Thank you!

Annie Goldbach
Very satisfied

I like the height of the memory foam which is full not lumpy. Very satisfied

Eric C
Does a good job

Simple product by supports my knees and feels good when I have to kneel.

Gayle Allen
Excellent Product

Love the feel of the product I give it 5 stars. I have shared it with family and friends. Sturdy and strong it’s such a relaxing comfort while kneeling to pray.💕

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