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Kneeling on hard surfaces, even for brief moments, can lead to intense knee pain.

Whether it's:
- Gardening
- Household chores
- Construction work
- Daily prayers

We put a lot of pressure on our knees daily.

Don't use uncomfortable knee pads with no support that can cause more harm than good! KneelyPad™ is a simple comfort cushion that you can place anywhere & anytime.

If you have sensitive knees or have undergone knee replacement surgery, taking care of your knees is very important!

That's why we created KneelyPad™ – to reduce the everyday tension we put on our knees.

KneelyPad™ is designed to be your trusty companion, offering relief and a layer of protection against knee discomfort caused by hard surfaces.

Say goodbye to worrying about inflammation when kneeling on the floor. Regain your comfort and freedom. Get KneelyPad™, a protective cushion specifically designed against knee discomfort. 

#freetheknees and keep doing daily tasks with confidence.

Dimensions: 10x8x6 Inches Folded | 16x10x3 Inches Unfolded

Material: Memory Foam + High Density Foam

Product Care: Hand Washable

KneelyPad™ is made so that the memory foam maintains it's comfortable shape, even with long periods of use.

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Prevent Knee Discomfort

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Proven Pain Relief

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Review 3

Thick and comfortable if you have to get on your knees then you need this!

Barb D.

Review 1

Loving my Kneely! For those of us who take our physical health and performance seriously the Kneely is a great little tool to stay aligned and relieve stress off the hips and back from standing or sitting.

Devin B.

Review 2

I’m 6’5 and deal with back pain on a regular basis. This product is a game changer. Awesome design, low stress put on my joints, and promotes excellent posture for my back. Noticed a big difference after using this product for just a couple days. Big fan.

Fahd Q.

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Retail: $49.99

Now For: $39

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Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Gloria Murphy
Very nice pad for help in kneeling

I had knee surgery and this pad will help me kneel and get back up as well as doing stretches and exercises to regain strength. I also look forward to using it to help me garden and other activities I use to do.

Kneel again!

Purchased as a recommendation from Dr Samantha Smith to use after a knee replacement. It really helps and provides comfort when kneeling on the operative knee. I love that it can be used as a folded, double pillow that provides height and extra cushion. Using it opened provides support for both knees. I love it! I've been using it in the house but plan to use it outside too. I recommend it if you have sensitive knees.

Gloria Baldwin

Perfect! Just what I needed for my 74 year old knees when I pray. Thank You!


Wasn't sure how this pad would perform but I am extremely pleased. Very well constructed and that allows the user to get up and down easily.


I love this product! I have osteoarthritis in my hip and using KneelyPad during my floor exercises has been a game changer. A lot better than towels. Thank you!

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